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December 19, 2022

This term, pupil leaders have completed an evaluation on how impactful they were last year on school improvements.

It was felt, after a survey of those involved, that there needed to be some changes. Pupil leaders now meet weekly with Helen from our leadership team. There is a whole school commitment to listening to the views, wishes and experiences of all of our pupils.   

As part of our work this term, we have discussed what is important for them in school, and the pupils in their classes. We then thought about how this can help make improvements for them in school, which will ultimately have an impact on their progress, motivation and attendance.

Pupils completed a survey in July 2022, asking what was most important for them to keep them motivated to do well. The most important area for pupils was their rewards. We also discussed important areas in the curriculum, and Anti-bullying Week. 

Pupil leaders discussed the current cost of living and how rewards money had not risen for quite a few years. One of our pupil leaders, George, asked every class for their feedback. After discussion with leadership team, it was agreed that we would raise money by a pound for all groups in lower school and increase gold reward money to £10. Activities off-site were not important for them and pupils would prefer to have on-site activities as well as an exciting end of term trip. 

Pupil leaders were pleased to be able to get involved with Anti-bullying Week “Reach Out” this year. The week began with odd socks day and we came up with some unusual odd sock pictures. We also planned lessons, with younger pupil leaders working together to teach and help older pupils learn about how bullying has impacted them. Older pupils worked together to teach and help younger pupils understand what they can do about bullying. They talked about how important it is to speak to someone they trust such as teachers and organisations like ChildLine.

Feedback was tremendous, they all felt that those who attended the classes were really involved.