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Here at Bryn Tirion Hall School, the care and development of each pupil lies at the centre of everything that happens.

We believe that pupils who feel safe, valued and secure will thrive. Our pastoral systems have been carefully developed and are employed to encourage, guide and nurture every pupil to achieve their very best. The pastoral team works closely alongside the teaching team to set aspirational targets for academic and other achievements whilst making sure our pupils have the right balance of stretch and support.

We work with pupils to develop in them the strengths that will serve them their whole lives. The focus is on what aspects pupils can change to become the best version of themselves.

Helping pupils Thrive

Inside the classroom, on the football pitch and in all kinds exciting activities run both on and off-site, our team at Bryn Tirion School, focus on bringing out the best in pupils by ensuring they feel supported and recognise that expectations are high.

Our pupils are supported to have a strong sense of identity with our school. We have a very successful program of rewards which we name ACE Olympics. This tracks pupils throughout the day and they earn points for their Attitude, Communication and Engagement. The Pastoral team are on hand to support pupils and to look for opportunities to ensure the best outcomes possible are achieved.  

The pastoral team work to ensure that each pupil’s strengths are recognised and developed so that they feel valued for who they are. Our pupils are presented with many opportunities and situations in which they can develop resilience and resourcefulness, with the opportunity to develop good habits and establish respectable values and a clear moral dimension which will sustain their wellbeing throughout their time at school and beyond.

The pastoral team, understand that our pupils will sometimes need extra help and support to develop this resilience. A number of our pupils have had a number of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and as such have not always developed strategies which help them to cope with things such as anxiety, low self-esteem, coping with anger, body-image and other childhood and teenage issues. Our Pastoral team are not only quick to respond to things as they happen, but are always on the look out to develop bespoke interventions to support positive outcomes. This is done in collaboration with the wider team of teaching staff, external leadership, parents, our onsite therapy team, which includes a speech and language therapist, an education psychologist and a psychotherapeutic counsellor.

Our school has a great family atmosphere. Staff know the pupils as individuals and care deeply about their progress. The excellent pupil-teacher relationships that have been fostered are regularly commended in school inspection reports.

Estyn Links

Effective practice an Estyn Case Study

Improving staff and learner wellbeing.

BTH Estyn inspection

2020 Bryn Tirion Hall School Estyn inspection

“The closely integrated work of the therapeutic and psychology team with teaching staff is a particularly strong aspect of the school’s work. This team works very effectively with pastoral staff to inform approaches to support pupils’ wellbeing, for example by contributing to pupils’ initial assessments and the development of pupils’ personal support plans.“

Estyn Report – March 2020

“I love attending the BTH School coffee mornings each term. It’s fantastic to see the pupils we have placed with the school succeed and thrive there.”

Local Authority Officer




Therapy & Psychology Team

The TaP team provides advice and support for the school and residential care staff through training, consultation and intervention.

Wellbeing embedded across the curriculum

Pupil wellbeing is at the heart of the planning and delivery of the rich curriculum at Bryn Tirion Hall School.


We’re a warm and welcoming team at Bryn Tirion Hall School, we love to show visitors around our fantastic school and showcase our amazing students, get in touch to arrange a visit.

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