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Upper School is a time for adventure and challenge during which pupils discover themselves and their world, growing in knowledge and self-confidence along the way.

Our role is to provide them with every opportunity to find out what they like and want to do in life and to encourage their curiosity, whilst giving them the skills to manage their lives, now and in the future.


The key aims for the upper school are to prepare our pupils for the next steps in their lives. Whether that is to move on to college, enter the world of work through an apprenticeship or traineeship, or remain at Bryn Tirion Hall School for Sixth form. We strive to give the pupils the qualifications, skills and experiences to prepare them for their journey onwards.


At Bryn Tirion Hall School we offer a broad and balanced curriculum that has a number of pathways through a range of qualifications. These include GCSEs with Pearsons and WJEC, Vocational qualifications with Open Awards from Entry Level through to Level 2. The pupils have a range of options that they can choose from and, with the support of our Assistant Headteacher CWRE, can go on to make informed decisions about their future.

Skills for life

Across the curriculum in the upper school there are continuous opportunities to develop skills for life. All pupils will not only leave with relevant qualifications but the skills to work and live independently. These include budgeting and money skills, cooking and sewing skills and opportunities to plan and experience travelling independently. These are gained via a range of opportunities and environments provided within our Independent Living Skills (ILS) and External Leadership curriculum offers.

Sixth Form

The post 16 curriculum at Bryn Tirion Hall School offers pupils the opportunity to develop their own personal interests throughout the curriculum. Remaining for post 16 education at Bryn Tirion Hall School enables pupils to consolidate attitudes, knowledge and skills learned in previous years. By offering an extended stay of one or two years at Sixth Form, our pupils are more likely to achieve a higher standard of qualifications. This includes L1&2 resits and potentially Level 3 qualifications. Learners can also gain a host of other work-related learning, independent living skills and employment skills to enrich their portfolio of experience and qualifications. Opportunities, including skiing and camping residentials, all help to make their transition into the world of work and independent living much smoother.


Curriculum Policy

Curriculum Policy download

Exams results 2022-2023

6 pupils achieved Maths and English GCSE
4 pupils achieved 4 or more GCSEs
6 pupils achieved PE GCSE (50% of which A* - C)
26 GCSEs achieved overall by 6 pupils
3 pupils achieved ASDAN Employability and PSD from Entry 3 to Level 1
2 pupils achieved Entry Level Skills for Employability and Further Learning
5 pupils achieved Entry 1 in Maths
2 pupils achieved Entry 1 in English
2 pupils achieved Entry 2 in English
9 pupils achieved Level 1 in Science Open Award
1 pupil achieved Level 2 in Science Open Award
6 pupils transitioned to Level 1 placements at college
3 pupils transitioned to Level 2 placements at college
2 pupils transitioned to Entry placements at college

“Going to college was a fantastic experience for me and has allowed me to get an idea of what I want to do for a job.”


“Liam started Bryn Tirion Hall School 5 years ago, everyone at the school gave Liam a chance and as a family we cannot thank the school enough. Liam wouldn’t be where he is today if the school didn’t believe in him and give him the chance that he needed.”





External Leadership (EL)

External Leadership (EL) is about young people having the opportunity to work with others and develop leadership skills in a variety of different activities.

Career and Work-Related Experiences (CWRE)

Our CWRE offer, alongside employability and essential skills, is embedded throughout the curriculum for all year groups.
We’re a warm and welcoming team at Bryn Tirion Hall School, we love to show visitors around our fantastic school and showcase our amazing students, get in touch to arrange a visit.
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