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At Bryn Tirion Hall School, our pupil voice is at the centre of what we do. Our pupils have a say in what they learn, how they learn it and where it will take them. BTH’s Pupil Leaders are fundamental to this process.

Why are Pupil Leaders important?

In order for learning to take place, facts and processes need to be relevant, fun and relatable. Our Pupil Leaders are the communication bridge between their peers and those who make the decisions on BTH’s future. We have found that peer to peer talks result in honest and enriching feedback, which allows us to ensure we are meeting our pupils’ needs. These roles also give our young people the opportunity to contribute to their school in a meaningful and productive way, allowing them to experience a leadership role in a safe environment.

What do they do?

Bryn Tirion Hall School’s Pupil Leaders are a valuable point of contact for pupils to voice their thoughts about what they are learning and their pupil experience.

It’s their job to question their peers about what’s working for them, and what isn’t. They also ask for suggestions for lesson content and delivery, for example, do pupils want more time in the outside classroom? Once they have answers and suggestions, they liaise with appointed staff members to feedback and add their thoughts. From here, staff consider each point and work with Pupil leaders to implement the changes.

Pupil Leaders also get involved with raising money and awareness days, helping with organisation and delivery.

Becoming a Leader

If you are interested in becoming a Pupil Leader have a quick chat with Sarah Gaffney.

What have they been up to?

Last academic year Pupil Leaders met at least once a month, sometimes more. We felt we had improved the reward system with making the younger class able to get more points to get into reward and make the older pupils get less points. Pupil Leaders felt this would help them improve their learning and progress from when they start to when they leave.

Reading Buddies was started in April 2023 and has been very successful. Older pupils read with younger pupils in the library which has an impact on both by improving social skills and practising reading skills. We feel we can improve this more so we are looking to hold more reading buddy sessions.

Pupil Leaders worked with Nicola Whitfield-Small to organise anti bullying week where the focus was acts of kindness. They led assemblies and designed their own lessons, the younger ones delivered to older pupils, and the older pupils to the younger classes. The feedback was tremendous and is something we plan to do on a regular basis.

Pupil Leaders were also paramount in the introduction of our Careers Hub. To encourage lower school to join they escorted pupils to and from the launch. They felt that this encouraged the younger pupils to start thinking about skills they like to do and how this might help them in the future.

A focus for next year will be fund raising as we need money for our ‘Change by Choice’ Charity to support us to continue residentials abroad.

Also this academic year 2023-2024 Pupil Leaders are also going to be One World Ambassadors and work to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

“Pupil leaders have been instrumental in driving improvement in our school. Pupil leaders surveyed staff and found a training opportunity that they then delivered to improve their awareness of the impact of racism on pupils.”

Helen Prendergast,
Vice Principal

“We raise money and host events to raise money. It’s definitely fun and good because we change things.”

School President




Ace Olympics - let’s get motivated!

Our reward system focuses on learning skills which supports our pupils with increased motivation.

Catering at Bryn Tirion Hall School

Dinner at Bryn Tirion Hall School is above all a sociable event where healthy and tasty food is enjoyed by all.


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