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March 28, 2024

BTH nominated for Leader Education Award.

Members of Bryn Tirion School leadership team were privileged to attend this year’s Leader Education Awards following an anonymous nomination.
The awards event at St David’s Park Hotel, hosted by ITV Wales presenter Andrea Byrne, recognised the outstanding achievements of pupils, teachers and support staff in schools across Wrexham and Flintshire. Bryn Tirion Hall School was nominated for the prestigious Specialist Provision School of the Year award alongside The Haven, and Maes Hyfryd, who won the Award.
Our thanks go to our nominee who said the following about our school:
I am delighted to submit a nomination for Bryn Tirion Hall School as a contender for the prestigious Special Provision School of the Year award. Catering to boys and girls aged 7 to 18 with diverse learning needs, ranging from social and emotional challenges to ADHD and ASD, some with complex needs, Bryn Tirion Hall School has consistently exemplified a steadfast dedication to fostering an environment where students not only feel welcome and secure but also empowered to explore a world of opportunities.

Bryn Tirion Hall School has distinguished itself by maintaining an ethos deeply rooted in providing students with a voice, actively involving them in shaping their educational journey. This outstanding institution has successfully implemented a balanced approach that seamlessly integrates educational, social, and emotional experiences to promote holistic development. The school’s innovative strategies prioritize not only academic progress but also the cultivation of meaningful relationships, both among students and with the committed staff.

A hallmark of Bryn Tirion Hall School lies in its profound understanding of children’s learning within a developmental context. Recognizing the classroom as a secure base, the school creates an environment conducive to intellectual exploration and personal growth. The emphasis on nurturing relationships is pivotal in building self-esteem, establishing an environment where each child feels valued and supported in their unique journey.

Language is regarded as a vital means of communication at Bryn Tirion Hall School, evident in the inclusive and supportive atmosphere within its classrooms. The school acknowledges that all behavior is a form of communication, empowering students to express themselves in various ways. Furthermore, Bryn Tirion Hall School places great importance on managing transitions in the lives of children, excelling in providing crucial support during these pivotal moments to ensure a smooth and positive experience for every student.

In conclusion, Bryn Tirion Hall School emerges as an exceptional institution that consistently goes above and beyond to create a nurturing and inclusive environment for its students. The unwavering dedication of the staff, coupled with innovative educational approaches and a relentless focus on holistic development, makes Bryn Tirion Hall School a truly deserving candidate for the Special Provision School of the Year award.