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September 12, 2023

Ski trips continue to help to develop skills and build relationships.

What a superb year of skiing it has been.

During the past year, pupils have travelled to Switzerland, France and Germany to taking part in skiing activities. Our final trip of the academic year was to Mayrhofen in Austria.

It was a particularly important year as we were able to introduce skiing to to a significant number of pupils.

Skiing has a wide range of benefits to our pupil with one of the main reasons being to help pupils develop resilience. This can be as simple as overcoming that horrendous first day’s agony of wearing ski boots, right up to getting back up after a big tumble. This year has seen all pupils overcome challenges, some much greater than others. 

The experience of international trips has also enabled pupils to develop a global view and make sense of how their own culture is different to that of others. 

The summer term saw us work towards giving every student the opportunity to try skiing. Working alongside Llandudno Dry ski slope, all classes have been able to attend ski lessons. Our ambition is to give all pupils the chance to push themselves outside their comfort zone and try a new activity. Going forward, pupils who have shown an interest in skiing will be able to attend further lessons to build upon and develop their existing skills. 

Looking ahead, we have the ambition to expand our ski curriculum so that every pupil has the opportunity to attend a ski trip. We hope to be able to support some of our Sixth Form pupils to achieve their Level 1 ski instructor qualifications. We will also be supporting lower school students with lessons in the UK to give them a taste for something that can have such a great impact in so many ways.

We have several exciting trips planned for the coming year, so please look out for information as it becomes available.