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August 30, 2023

Pupils Leaders successfully help to improve life at BTH.

Last academic year our Pupil Leaders met at least once a month, sometimes more often.   

Reflecting on the year, we felt we had a positive impact of the daily life of BTH. We helped to improved the reward system by making the younger classes able to get more points to get into a reward group and make the older pupils get less points.  Pupil Leaders felt this would help them improve their learning and behaviour and enable them to measure the progress from when they start to when they leave. 

Our Reading Buddies scheme started in April 2023 and has been very successful. Older pupils read with younger pupils in the school library, which has had an impact on all pupils by improving social skills, developing patience, and practising reading skills. We feel we can improve on this, so we are looking to hold more reading buddy sessions over the course of the coming year. 

Pupil Leaders worked with Nicola Whitfield-Small to organise Anti-bullying Week> The focus of the week was acts of kindness. They led assemblies and designed their own lessons, with the younger pupils delivering them to older pupils, and the older pupils to the younger classes. The feedback was tremendous and this is something we plan to do on a regular basis going forward.

We had a great Christmas lunch in McDonalds (Helen was out-voted!) and for the farewell lunch in July it was agreed that we would go to Panda Mama in Chester. The lunches prove to be an invaluable way to bring Pupils Leaders together in a social setting.

Pupil Leaders were also paramount in the introduction of our Careers Hub. To encourage lower school to join, they escorted pupils to and from the launch. They felt that this encouraged the younger pupils to start thinking about skills they like to use now and how this might help them in their choices for the future.  

We’ve already had a lot of interested in Pupil Leaders for the coming academic year. We’ll be focusing on One World and the Sustainable Development Goals and the core aims of Investors in Families. This will al be linked together by holding four awareness days throughout the year.  As always, we will also be focusing on fundraising and enterprise activities.