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August 20, 2023

We’d had a fantastic time in Noddfa, with lots of exciting activities, changes and chances to work together.

We’d had a fantastic time in Noddfa, with lots of exciting activities, changes, and chances to work together. We have been taking part in different activities including sensory exploration, messy play, working collaboratively with others, arts and crafts plus so much more. Pupils have been thriving from a challenging and varied play-based curriculum working within our nurture base we call Noddfa.

During a session with our intensive nurture class, the students access a homely environment with daily routines such as personal hygiene, for example brushing our teeth, applying deodorant, and styling our hair. We also take part in a morning breakfast as a collective where we can talk as a group about our evening or interests.

One task pupils really enjoyed was creating Lava Slime that included a hidden chemical reaction at the end. They followed the instructions given to create the mixture needed for the slime base and then added a vinegar-based activator. The base of the slime contained bicarbonate of soda so the slime erupted into a fizzy bubbly mess. When mixed we created stretchy and colourful slime. This opened a great dialogue for learning about acids and alkalis and what can happen when they are mixed.

Another activity the pupils took part in was exploring the ocean through a variety of themed learning experiences and play. From discovering that male seahorses carry their young through playing sea bingo with their peers, to developing their creative skills by exploring texture and sound through making ‘ocean drums’, the pupils have immersed themselves in a vast array of knowledge, creative thinking, and social development.

Whether it be providing a nurturing environment as a place they can build, craft and create their own ‘den’ or ‘safe space’, or guiding them through messy play, problem solving, creative play to build confidence and encourage questioning, we’re proud of the hard work pupils have undertaken.