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August 15, 2023

External Leadership has had a positive and encouraging academic year.

We’re proud of the sheer enthusiasm of pupils and their positive participation.

Many pupils have re-visited old skills over the course of the summer term, whilst others have taken on new challenges.

The focus for students on EL has been to work on individual skills, where specific interest or a flair for the subject has been expressed. With this in mind we have observed many individuals positively progressing in their participation and gaining greater skills, confidence and the willingness to try new things.

We long awaited the sunshine and finally the brighter weather came, and the water activities began. Our introduction to this took the form of canoe trips on the Llangollen Canal. This helped to familiarise everyone on and in the water and paved the way for further water-fun play including the use of stand-up paddle boards on the Lake. 

We have also invested in 2 new balance boards which are proving great fun to use!

Several pupils have also attended specialist days. These days are designed for those showing an interest or flair in a specific EL subject. Pupils have teamed together with other like-minded pupils to improve and refine their skills. 

One group worked to improve their paddle boarding skills, using some moving water to practice on. Many have engaged in improving their indoor climbing and outdoor bouldering skills and looking at how to risk assess the areas for safe use.

Great progress has been witnessed during these times.

We also kicked off an Archery Competition, open to both staff and students. Everyone had the opportunity for three attempts to better their score with 12 arrows. It was amazing to see the improvement, not to mention the staff competitiveness. The high achievements from all were astonishing! 

Towards the end of the summer term we have had the opportunity to run five overnight camp experiences.  Several of attendees had not camped before and embraced this brilliantly. 

We camped on a beautiful site in Snowdonia, featuring a beautiful river running through it. Students took full advantage of the river to play, walk and swim. 

We had fun evenings chatting around a fire and naturally, toasting marshmallows!

At all times, we continue to encourage our students to learn new skills: often stepping out of their comfort zones, to constantly stay safe and have lots of shared fun!

Well done, everyone!