Independent Life Skills Update – March 2023

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March 15, 2023

We’ve had a fantastic journey in Noddfa so far this term.

Engagement from pupils has been amazing and we’re really proud of the amount of effort everyone has made. We have spent this half term looking at a range of different topics including hygiene, food preparation and essential life skills. We’ve also been able to understand how these skills can support us in our future lives.

As part of some of our hygiene lessons, we have been focusing on the importance of washing our clothes. We discussed germs and bacteria and why we need to wear fresh, clean clothes regularly. As a fun activity we used containers to mimic the motions of a washing machine to help clean dirty clothes. We looked at the difference between using detergents and not using detergents to see how important it is to use them to remove dirt.

Another important aspect we have been speaking about is personal hygiene and why we need to shower, use deodorant, and clean our hair. A popular activity related to this has been washing the hair of one of our mannequin heads. Pupils were asked to place dirt into the hair and create a mess and then step-by-step wash the hair until it was thoroughly cleaned.

Pupils have also been looking at tasks that use our fine motor skills. One activity that uses fine motor skills is sewing and for many, this was a new topic to investigate. Some of the lower school classes started by looking at basic stitching techniques and ways we can use them. To begin with, we used card cut-outs and rope to get them used to this new skill. Pupils were asked to thread the rope through the pre-made holes in the correct order to cover over printed lines or shapes.

In our video you can see some of our sensory sessions, focusing on fine motor skills and self-regulation using the sensory wall and meditation.

We’re looking forward to developing our life skills further during the rest of the term.