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March 27, 2023

Chamonix 2023.

This year’s ski trip was a great success. All pupils were given the opportunity to learn new skills in a truly awe-inspiring environment. At Bryn Tirion Hall School we truly believe that pupils who attend the school ski trips have the opportunity to develop skills which will support them into their adult life.

Each year, we continue to refine and develop our ski curriculum to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to attend, or participate in activities based at home in the UK.

Three groups of pupils enjoyed the mountain experience. We had some first timers and some old hands. The newbies did brilliantly, enduring the rigours of bruising but still learning to ski. Most importantly every pupil made progress with some starting to show real skill on steeper terrain.

Our Principal, Paddy Prendergast said, “Opportunities to develop the invaluable life skills of resilience and perseverance come thick and fast when learning to ski. It’s safe to say that all those who travelled to France should feel very proud of their achievements.”

Other staff also expressed how impressed they were with pupils on the trip:

Jemaine said, “I was really impressed with Kayden and Jamie. They showed excellent listening skills which allowed them to pick up skiing very quickly. They quickly left me behind. It was a superb experience learning something new with all the kids.”

Matthew commented, “The best thing about the ski trip was seeing Oliver’s resilience. Although he faced many challenges, particularly on his first day. Oliver showed real perseverance and determination to continue. He pushed himself well and truly out of his comfort zone. Come the second day it would have been very easy for Oliver to have taken the easy option and to throw in the towel. However, he showed his resilience again and set himself the goal to ski a particular run. By the end of the second day, he had completed his goal not once but several times. Since returning to school I continue to see Olivers confidence and resilience develop. This is having a real positive impact.”

Going on the ski trip is an amazing experience and opportunity.  It gives the children a chance to learn invaluable skills which cannot always be taught in the classroom such as being physically resilient, learning important life skills and building stronger relationships with peers. 

Juliet was impressed with Callum, saying, “The student which really stuck out for me this time is Callum. Callum only joined us in June 2022 after being out of school for a long time. He is quiet in class and found it difficult to get to know his classmates. During the ski trip he had no choice but to integrate with peers and even share a room with someone he didn’t know. He coped well with this and built up a good relationship with a child not in his class.

Physically Callum progressed too. In the space of two weeks, he went from being a complete beginner to being able to ski parallel in different conditions and terrain. Initially, he found it difficult to transfer from skiing in snow plough to skiing parallel, but he persevered and asked lots of questions to get it right. He got there in the end and even skied the World Cup run the ‘Kandaha’.

The life skills Callum has learned on the trip are essential. Making his own breakfast, cups of tea, sandwiches to take up the slopes and taking care of his own equipment.

Callum was caring towards other beginners and would always take the time to give them tips on technique and encourage them to keep going. 

Callum was a pleasure to be around and was always very polite. He began to really enjoy the social interactions in the evenings. Playing cards and playing in the games room. He is keen to keep coming skiing and I am sure he will do very well.”

Part of the experience is also the amazing scenery that pupils and staff are exposed to. We hope you enjoy our photos.

We’re now looking forward to our next ski adventure!